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3 cent silver values
Three Cent Silver Coin Values

The value of a Three Cent Silver Coin varies based on a few key factors. While an 1851 3-Cent Silver piece in Good condition may be valued around $20, an 1855 in Uncirculated condition may command a premium in the neighborhood of $600. If you have a 3-Cent piece from a desirable year, or a coin that appears to be in exceptional condition, you may want to have your coin evaluated by an expert at a reputable coin grading company such as PCGS or NGC.

These grading services will put your coin through a rigorous inspection process, allowing the expert to accurately gauge the coin’s condition to the minutest standards. They will also verify the coin’s Silver content and authenticity. When you have your coin graded, you can rest easy knowing you have the best information as to the coin’s fair market value.

Three Cent Silver Coin Values

1851 Three Cent Silver$25$50$80$150
1851 Three Cent Silver (O)$40$75$175$275
1852 Three Cent Silver$25$50$80$150
1853 Three Cent Silver$25$50$80$150
1854 Three Cent Silver$40$60$120$225
1855 Three Cent Silver$40$75$200$350
1856 Three Cent Silver$40$50$120$235
1857 Three Cent Silver$40$50$120$235
1858 Three Cent Silver$40$50$120$235
1859 Three Cent Silver$40$50$90$175
1860 Three Cent Silver$40$50$90$175
1861 Three Cent Silver$40$50$90$175
1862 Three Cent Silver$40$50$90$175
1863 Three Cent Silver$450$550$750$900
1864 Three Cent Silver$450$550$750$850
1865 Three Cent Silver$425$525$700$850
1866 Three Cent Silver$450$525$800$950
1867 Three Cent Silver$450$550$850$1,200
1868 Three Cent SilverN/A$550$1,100$1,500
1869 Three Cent SilverN/A$550$1,100$1,500
1870 Three Cent SilverN/A$550$750$950
1871 Three Cent SilverN/A$550$950$1,050
1872 Three Cent SilverN/A$850$2,000$2,250
Source: Red Book
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