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3 cent nickel values
Three Cent Nickel Values

The Three Cent Nickel was a general circulation coin produced by the United States Mint from 1865 to 1889. From 1865 to 1873, the mint struck a three-cent Silver piece as well. Because the series was only produced by the mint for 25 years, several editions may be considered rare and very collectible. In fact, coins of rare dates may trade for over three times the premium of common-date coins.

The Three Cent Nickel was never popular with the public and was not used as much as intended in general circulation. Because of this, many of these coins can still be found in nearly pristine or Uncirculated condition, increasing their potential value.


If you have a Three Cent Nickel from a popular mint year, or a coin that appears to be in exceptional condition, you may want to consider submitting it for professional grading with a reputable grading company such as PCGS or NGC. These expert numismatists minutely examine your coin for imperfections and verify its metal content and authenticity. The small fee you incur for this service may be a worthwhile investment depending on your plans for your collection. Graded coins typically sell for higher premiums than those that have not been professionally evaluated, so your investment in the grading process could potentially pay for itself many times over.


1865 3-Cent Nickel$18N/A$40$65
1866 3-Cent Nickel$18N/A$40$65
1867 3-Cent Nickel$15N/A$40$65
1868 3-Cent Nickel$15N/A$40$65
1869 3-Cent Nickel$15N/A$40$65
1870 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$40$65
1871 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$40$65
1872 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$40$65
1873 3-Cent Nickel (Closed 3)$20N/A$40$65
1873 3-Cent Nickel (Open 3)$20N/A$40$70
1874 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$40$65
1875 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$45$80
1876 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$50$110
1879 3-Cent Nickel$60N/A$125$175
1880 3-Cent Nickel$90N/A$200$220
1881 3-Cent Nickel$20N/A$40$65
1882 3-Cent Nickel$110N/A$225$275
1883 3-Cent Nickel$275N/A$550$850
1884 3-Cent Nickel$550N/A$1,900$2,750
1885 3-Cent Nickel$800N/A$2,500$3,000
1887 3-Cent Nickel$275N/A$400$520
1888 3-Cent Nickel$50N/A$90$150
1889 3-Cent Nickel$80N/A$220$250
Source: The Red Book
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