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Seated Liberty Dollar Values

The second Silver Dollar struck by the United States Mint, the Seated Liberty Dollar, differed from its predecessor in that it remained in production for a long time — more than 30 years. Because of this extended period of production, this particular coin is generally fairly easy to obtain.

For Precious Metals collectors, however, simply finding a Seated Liberty Dollar is not enough, because collectors prize perfectly preserved specimens.

Seated Liberty Silver Dollars are all more than a century old and most spent lots of time in circulation. These coins are in Poor condition more often than not. Even pieces that have escaped the ravages of time will show a bit of wear because these coins were so readily exchanged.


Seated Liberty Silver Dollars command dramatically varying premiums depending on several factors. The condition of the coin is paramount. Although every one of these dollars is more than 100 years old, collectors still seek well-preserved pieces above all others.When it comes to properly preserved Seated Liberty Dollars, allot no less than $400 to acquire one, although they can cost as much as $2,000. The dramatic price variance has to do with the rarity of a given coin.Naturally, an excellently preserved Seated Liberty from 1842 has greater value on the market than a similarly preserved coin from 25 years later. If you are looking to add a Seated Liberty Dollar to your collection and are not necessarily concerned about the condition, you should still allot about $100 for that acquisition.

Similar to Bust Silver Dollars, beginner or amateur collectors generally wait for experience and greater resources to begin searching for Seated Liberty Silver Dollars.


Clearly, the most desirable Silver Dollars are those that bear the earliest dates. Coins produced during the 1840s will be highly sought after by serious collectors. These coins are all well over 150 years old and have taken an amazing journey through history.

Of course, the fact that these coins are in high demand also means they are some of the most expensive. Besides the age of the coin, collectors value excellent condition. It is sadly all too common for a coin that is more than a century old to have extensive damaged, so finding one of these coins in excellent condition is a remarkable feat.


Though it is impossible to say precisely how much a given Seated Liberty will cost at any point in the future, coin specialists believe the value of these coins will be greater than it is now.Rarity drives value, and there are fewer Seated Liberty Silver Dollars available with each passing year. If you are serious about adding one of these special coins to your collection, now is the absolute best time for you to purchase a Seated Liberty Silver Dollar.

Seated Liberty Dollar Values

1840 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$375$750$1,500
1841 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$450$700$1,000
1842 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$600$800
1843 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$425$600$950
1844 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$350$800$1,250
1845 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$375$800$1,500
1846 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$650$1,000
1846 Liberty Seated Dollar (O)N/A$375$800$1,400
1847 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$600$850
1848 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$500$1,100$1,500
1849 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$700$1,000
1850 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$750$1,800$2,500
1850 Liberty Seated Dollar (O)N/A$500$1,450$3,200
1851 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$10,500$20,000$27,500
1852 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$10,000$17,500$27,500
1853 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$450$1,100$1,300
1854 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$2,500$4,150$5,500
1855 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$2,000$4,500$5,250
1856 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$525$1,600$3,500
1857 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$525$1,550$1,900
1859 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$425$750$1,225
1859 Liberty Seated Dollar (O)N/A$325$600$850
1859 Liberty Seated Dollar (S)N/A$550$1,700$3,350
1860 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$400$650$850
1860 Liberty Seated Dollar (O)N/A$325$600$785
1861 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$1,100$2,250$3,000
1862 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$1,100$2,100$3,200
1863 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$1,100$1,600$2,000
1864 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$500$1,000$1,600
1865 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$450$1,600$2,100
1866 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$390$850$1,100
1867 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$365$850$1,050
1868 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$350$800$1,150
1869 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$340$750$1,050
1870 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$600$950
1870 Liberty Seated Dollar (CC)N/A$1,400$4,250$6,000
1870 Liberty Seated Dollar (S)N/A$325,000$800,000$1,250,000
1871 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$600$1,050
1871 Liberty Seated Dollar (CC)N/A$4,850$14,000$21,000
1872 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$325$600$950
1872 Liberty Seated Dollar (CC)N/A$4,000$6,500$10,000
1872 Liberty Seated Dollar (S)N/A$675$1,975$3,500
1873 Liberty Seated DollarN/A$400$600$975
1873 Liberty Seated Dollar (CC)N/A$11,000$22,000$40,000
Source: Red Book
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