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liberty seated dime values
Liberty Seated Dime Values

For nearly half a century, the Liberty Seated Dime was produced by the U.S. Mint. Minted initially at the Philadelphia and New Orleans branches only, these Silver coins were later struck in other cities, including San Francisco and Carson City. The series began in 1837 and was produced continuously through 1891.

Obverse features of this coin include Lady Liberty seated on a rock, holding a shield in one hand. In her other hand, she holds a short pole topped with a freedom cap, suggestive of a small flag. In the beginning, the Liberty Seated Dimes included no stars on the obverse.

This design paid homage to Christian Gobrecht’s Silver Dollar of 1836. Made at the Philadelphia Mint in 1837 and the New Orleans Mint in 1938, the original reverse included a simple inscription and wreath.

Beginning in 1839, stars were added to the obverse, while drapery was added to Miss Liberty’s elbow in 1840. The coin has undergone several design alterations throughout the series, notably the inclusion of arrows around the date from 1853 to 1855.


Dependent upon the mint year of each coin, as well as the design edition and physical quality, the value of a Liberty Seated Dime can vary considerably. The Legend on Obverse edition, made from 1860 through 1873, replaced stars with “United States of America” and, if found in good condition, may be purchased by dealers or collectors for about $16.

The original No Stars on Obverse coin, also known as Variety 1, may be sold to dealers and collectors for $750 or more in uncirculated condition.

If you have Seated Dimes that seem to be in great physical condition or were struck with a design that is considered rare, have your coins graded by a professional coin grading service such as PCGS or NGC.

When you have your coins graded by a professional numismatist, they will not only authenticate your collection but also give you insights into the metal content and standard level of quality. The modern coin grading process is extensive and reliable.

Any grading team will detect and report even the most minor imperfections in your coin.


Some observations about the condition of a Seated Dime can be made quickly at home by taking a closer look. For example, on the 1838-1840 sub-type Without Drapery, the higher relief minting can lead to accelerated wear on the surface.

This damage is indicated by a lack of detectable detailing and an inconsistent level of legibility to the word, “Liberty.”

Coins have many details and they should all be thoroughly examined. Start with one as a point of reference and place other coins either higher or lower in terms of condition based on your own personal evaluation. For example, you can start by taking a close look at the coin’s inscriptions.

If the images and text are worn down, eroded or hard to read, your coin may only be in Good condition. If the words and letters are readable but show signs of erosion or discoloration, your coin may be considered in Fine condition.

Other signs of wear to look for include rims that have been rubbed away and wreaths with leaves that have become indiscernible.

If the inscriptions are robust with no visible signs of age-related wear and tear, the coin could be in what is called Extremely Fine condition. To be assigned a grade of Extremely Fine, all details on both sides of the coin must be in near-perfect condition, so carefully examine every aspect.

With Seated Dimes, even the hairlines of Lady Liberty must be looked at with scrutiny.


Because the Liberty Seated Dime series includes a plethora of designs and varieties, including double dies, misplaced digits and a variety of mint locations, it is considered a classic and will likely always be in demand. The series was produced for 46 years in high quantities and many collectors believe there are plenty of new, exciting discoveries to be found.Since high-grade Seated Dimes can potentially draw significant value, even coins in lower grades are considered supremely collectible, affordable for collectors of any size and level of experience.

1837 Liberty Seated Dimes$45$100$500$1100
1838O Liberty Seated Dimes$90$180$800$3600
1838, Small Stars Liberty Seated Dimes$30$55$175$700
1839 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$145$800
1840, Liberty Seated Dimes, No Drapery$20$30$150$425
1841 Liberty Seated Dimes, Drapery$20$30$60$425
1842 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$50$400
1843 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$50$475
1844 Liberty Seated Dimes$175$375$1100$4000
1845 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$50$400
1846 Liberty Seated Dimes$200$600$2500$15000
1847 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$40$180$1500
1848 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$32$85$725
1849 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$75$375
1850 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$60$300
1851 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$70$425
1852 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$30$60$300
1853 Liberty Seated Dimes, with Arrows$20$25$50$325
1854 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$25$50$325
1855 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$25$60$325
1856 Liberty Seated Dimes, Large Date$40$90$180$600
1857 Liberty Seated Dimes$16$20$50$300
1858 Liberty Seated Dimes$16$20$50$300
1859 Liberty Seated Dimes$20$22$60$300
1860 Liberty Seated Dimes$16$20$40$200
1861 Liberty Seated Dimes (a)$16$20$40$200
1862 Liberty Seated Dimes$16425$40$185
1863 Liberty Seated Dimes$600$950$1150$1500
1864 Liberty Seated Dimes$300$650$1000$1200
1865 Liberty Seated Dimes$425$750$1000$1300
1866 Liberty Seated Dimes$725$1100$1600$2000
1867 Liberty Seated Dimes$600$900$1100$1500
1868 Liberty Seated Dimes$18$30$65$300
1869 Liberty Seated Dimes$22$40$120$400
1870 Liberty Seated Dimes$16$25$50$200
1871 Liberty Seated Dimes$16$25$50$250
1872 Liberty Seated Dimes$18$25$40$175
1873 Liberty Seated Dimes$18$26$150$550
1874 Liberty Seated Dimes$18$25$150$600
1875 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1876 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1877 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1878 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1879 Liberty Seated Dimes$200$325$500$575
1880 Liberty Seated Dimes$150$250$400$650
1881 Liberty Seated Dimes$160$260$425$675
1882 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1883 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1884 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1885 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1886 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1887 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1888 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1889 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1890 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
1891 Liberty Seated Dimes$15$20$35$150
Source: Red Book
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