indian $2.50 gold coin values
Indian $2.50 Gold Coin Values

The $2.50 Indian Gold coin’s value continues to increase. Whether this is due to their limited availability on the market or the fact that Gold itself is experiencing growth right now, the $2.50 Indian is becoming more and more difficult to find at an accessible price point.

Since their release in 1908, plenty of time has passed for these coins to become considerably worn or lost from circulation completely, as so often happens with especially small coins.

There will never be more of these coins than there are today, so if adding a $2.50 Gold Indian, sometimes called a Gold Quarter Eagle, to your collection is important to you, we recommend you take action now.

Collectors always hope to find a specimen in pristine condition. The simple fact is most of these coins will be found in less than ideal condition; however, since many of these Gold coins were given as gifts, there are well-preserved pieces out there.

You may observe collectors being especially picky about the Gold Indian $2.50 coins they choose to add to their collections.


$2.50 Indian Head Gold coins are not inexpensive, even in Poor condition, due to the intrinsic value of their Gold content. You should prepare to pay at least $150 for one of these coins, though some special pieces can run as much as $4,000.

With $2.50 Indian Heads, it is important to do some comparison shopping before committing to a purchase because retailer’s premiums can differ by a hundred dollars or more. Always shop with a reputable dealer and know the current spot price of Gold when you buy.


Several Gold Indian Quarter Eagles are considered particularly desirable by collectors, but a few examples are coveted above all others.

As we examine this point, it is important to understand that certain editions of the $2.50 Gold Indian were struck in a few different types. Make sure you know exactly which piece interests you and exactly which piece is being offered for sale when you are looking to buy.

For example, there were two different iterations of the $2.50 Indian minted in 1914, and though they bear the same year, their values are markedly different.

If you seek the rarest and most valuable of these coins, look for those produced in 1911. These coins are available to contemporary collectors in extremely limited numbers and are quite valuable.

Acquiring a 1911 $2.50 Indian is generally in the purview of an experienced collector with significant resources to devote to their collection.


While it is impossible to predict exactly what the value of a $2.50 Gold Indian may be the future, experts believe the value will only increase over time.

The price of Gold has enjoyed consistent growth over the past 100 years and these coins’ metal content alone means their value will grow along with it.

Naturally, as time goes by and fewer of these coins are available for purchase, their base price can only rise. So while it remains impossible to know what a specific coin may be valued at in 20 years’ time, coin experts expect Gold Quarter Eagles coins to grow in value.

Indian $2.50 Gold Coin Values

1908 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1909 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1910 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1911 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1911 Indian Head $2.5 Gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$4,000$4,750
1912 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1913 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1914 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$375$450
1914 Indian Head $2.5 Gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$350$375
1915 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$350$375
1925 Indian Head $2.5 Gold Coin (D)N/AN/A$325$350
1926 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$325$350
1927 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$325$425
1928 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$325$350
1929 Indian Head $2.5 Gold CoinN/AN/A$325$350
Source: Red Book


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