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Barber Dime Values

The Barber coin design was featured on dimes, quarters and half dollars. These coins, designed by United States Mint Chief Engraver Charles Barber, were minted from 1892 to 1916.

Barber Dimes contain 90 percent Silver, alloyed with 10 percent Copper.

When the U.S. Mint was ready to replace the Seated Liberty design in the late 1880’s, Mint Director Edward Leech planned a design competition to find new artwork for the coinage.


Barber Dime values are based on several factors but mint marks are of primary interest to collectors. The coin’s mint mark, showing where it was struck, appears on the reverse under the wreath. Taking mint year 1909 for example, the most coveted Barber Dime is the 1909-S. That S tells us the dime was minted in San Francisco. These dimes can be valued at $4.63 in Good condition while one in Extremely Fine condition may fetch $135. A 1909-D, minted in Denver, may be valued around $100 in Extremely Fine condition. A 1909-O, minted in New Orleans, could command up to $73 in Extremely Fine condition. The most common 1909 Barber Dime was minted in Philadelphia and bears no mint mark. These coins have values from less than $2 to $21.


Collectors seek Barber Dimes for several reasons. While prices can and do fluctuate, these Silver coins may see increasing price appreciation in the coming years as the coins age. With each passing year, Barber coins become scarcer. This is true of all coins but especially of Barber dimes, which were minted for a relatively short time. These facts taken in consideration with the Barber Dime’s metal content make for a desirable collector coin.

Barber Dime Values

1892 Barber Dime$7$18$30$80
1892 Barber Dime (O)$12$35$75$95
1892 Barber Dime (S)$65$190$280$330
1893 Barber Dime$140$160$200$300
1893 Barber Dime (O)$30$120$190$230
1893 Barber Dime (S)$15$37$90$150
1894 Barber Dime$30$120$180$220
1894 Barber Dime (O)$70$200$425$600
1895 Barber Dime$80$325$550$625
1895 Barber Dime (O)$375$850$2,400$3,400
1895 Barber Dime (S)$42$135$240$310
1896 Barber Dime$10$50$100$120
1896 Barber Dime (O)$80$290$450$650
1896 Barber Dime (S)$80$280$450$650
1897 Barber Dime$4$8$32$75
1897 Barber Dime (O)$65$280$475$600
1897 Barber Dime (S)$18$90$175$260
1898 Barber Dime$4$8$26$75
1898 Barber Dime (O)$12$85$190$280
1898 Barber Dime (S)$8$32$80$150
1899 Barber Dime$4$8$25$75
1899 Barber Dime (O)$10$65$140$225
1899 Barber Dime (S)$8.50$32$45$110
1900 Barber Dime$4$8$25$75
1900 Barber Dime (O)$18$110$220$360
1900 Barber Dime (S)$5$12$30$75
1901 Barber Dime$4$7$26$75
1901 Barber Dime (O)$4$16$75$180
1901 Barber Dime (S)$80$350$550$675
1902 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1902 Barber Dime (O)$4$15$65$150
1902 Barber Dime (S)$9$55$140$200
1903 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1903 Barber Dime (O)$5$14$55$110
1903 Barber Dime (S)$85$350$675$825
1904 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1904 Barber Dime (S)$45$160$325$475
1905 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1905 Barber Dime (O)$5$35$100$150
1905 Barber Dime (S)$4$9$40$95
1906 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1906 Barber Dime (D)$4$8$35$80
1906 Barber Dime (O)$6$45$110$130
1906 Barber Dime (S)$4$13$45$110
1907 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1907 Barber Dime (D)$4$10$45$110
1907 Barber Dime (O)$4$30$70$110
1907 Barber Dime (S)$4$15$75$150
1908 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1908 Barber Dime (D)$4$6$30$75
1908 Barber Dime (O)$6$45$95$150
1908 Barber Dime (S)$4$15$45$170
1909 Barber Dime$4$6$25$75
1909 Barber Dime (D)$8$60$140$225
1909 Barber Dime (O)$5$13$70$150
1909 Barber Dime (S)$9$80$180$310
1910 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1910 Barber Dime (D)$4$10$48$95
1910 Barber Dime (S)$6$50$110$180
1911 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1911 Barber Dime (D)$4$6$24$75
1911 Barber Dime (S)$4$10$40$100
1912 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1912 Barber Dime (D)$4$6$24$75
1912 Barber Dime (S)$4$6$32$90
1913 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1913 Barber Dime (S)$35$125$250$320
1914 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1914 Barber Dime (D)$4$6$24$75
1914 Barber Dime (S)$4$10$40$80
1915 Barber Dime$4$6$24$75
1915 Barber Dime (S)$7$35$70$140
1916 Barber Dime (S)$4$6$24$75
1916 Barber Dime (S)$4$6$24$75
Source: Red Book
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