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What is the value of your coin?



Coin Price Guide




What is the value of your coin?

Click the coin picture below to visit our coin price guide pages pertaining to that coin. We attempt to update pricing regularly with resources such as the red book, online auction statistics, convention sales and attribution sales statistics, etc. If anything is out of whack, drop us a message to

All values listed within these categories are based on the Whitman Red Book of coin values. There are many grades and conditions available on these coins that add value.

Values from the latest edition of the Red Book do not reflect all sales of every coin, as tracking that would be impossible. Precious Metal investors refer to the Red Book or “one-volume library” to learn the value of their coins and how much they are worth.

Our Coin Price Guide features regularly updated coin pricing for all collectible coins. If you wish to look at our Variety and Error Coin Price Guide CLICK HERE.

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