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Some of the Rarest Doubled Die Varieties

rare doubled die

Doubled Dies Undoubtedly the rarest of die varieties in general are those on proof coins. Not only are there far fewer proof coins minted overall, but each proof die is used for only a few thousand coins before they are retired. In addition, each proof die is inspected more closely than business strike dies, so […]

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Lincoln Cent Design Varieties

design error

Lincoln Cent Design Varieties Unlike the Transitional Design Varieties in which a coin design is used in a year when it shouldn’t be used, the Wrong Design Varieties have a coin design being used in the correct year, but on the wrong type of coin. The instances that we are aware of have occurred in

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New World Coins of 2017

new world coins finland 2017

New World Coins To mark the milestone, the Mint of Finland has unveiled a silver €10 coin and a gold €100 coin honoring the theme, each due for release on Jan. 3, 2017. The Proof .500 fine silver coin features designs created by schoolchildren. The obverse features 15-year-old Saara Peltomäki’s design of Finland surrounded by

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Not all Fold Over Errors are Errors

fold over coin price guide

A regular contributor to that site is Joe Koelling, an enthusiastic collector of both errors and varieties and a dedicated roll-hunter. Koelling has discovered a prodigious number of new die varieties. In just the past year he has found nine new Lincoln, Doubled Die cents that manifest as one or more “extra columns” that lurk

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Nova Constellatio Coppers – Coins

nova constellatio coins

Nova Constellatio Coppers [sgmb id=”1″] The Nova Constellatio coppers, dated 1783 and 1785 and without denomination, were struck in fairly large quantities in Birmingham, England, beginning in 1785, and were shipped to NewYork where they entered circulation. Apparently they resulted from a private coinage venture undertaken by Constable, Rucker & Co., a trading business formed

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20 Lincoln Cent Doubled Dies You Should Know About

Doubled die is a term in numismatics used to refer to doubling in the design elements of a coin. Doubled dies can appear as an outline of the design or in extreme cases, having legends and dates appear twice in an overlapping fashion. Doubled die error coins can fetch significant prices when they are noticeable

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Ink Smear Error Dollar Bill Found

Ink smear Error Dollar Bill worth good money banknote

A nice minor ink smear error bill found searching for error banknotes and fancy serial numbers. This is simply the best hobby in the world! Anyone can get into it without major investments of either time or money. Ironic huh? Collecting money can be low cost.

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These ARE NOT the Error Coins You Are Looking For!

  From just plain tarnished to totally screwed up! These coins are simply not keepers and not error coins! These are a few examples of error coins that just won’t make the cut when it comes to collecting. I will explain why and show some more and less dramatic examples.   Comment or email us

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What are Doubled Die Error Coins? How to Find DDO / DDR Coins?

doubled die error coin value price double die machine doubling 1955 penny 1972

Let’s talk all about DOUBLED DIE (DOUBLE DIE) error coins! The coin die that strikes double die coins has a partial or fully doubled image. Therefore, the coin has two identical images that are slightly offset from one another. The doubling occurs from mistakes in the die hubbing process. This results in a coin die

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