Martin registry set tenders PCGS MS-67 red 1954 Lincoln cent

A date and Mint mark set of Lincoln cents is a typical starting point for a collector and examples with gorgeous, original Mint red color are particularly coveted. Heritage offered the Jerald L. Martin Collection at its recent Florida United Numismatists auctions in Orlando, which included several finest-known examples. Over 40 years the collector worked … Read more

$20 TRINARY NOTE – Daily Bill Searching for Rare Banknotes

$20 trinary note

Trinary $20 Bank Note found during our daily bill search video on YouTube. Thanks for joining the currency and coin community here on YouTube! We strive to put out videos as quickly as we can that cover coins and bank notes. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO! AND… Remember… … Read more

Lack of Ink Error – Daily Bill Search for Rare Bank Notes and Serial Numbers

lack of ink error

A great video with a lack of ink error bank note found while doing our daily bill search video! Thanks for joining the currency and coin community here on YouTube! We strive to put out videos as quickly as we can that cover coins and bank notes. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IF … Read more

These ARE NOT the Error Coins You Are Looking For!

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Rare Coins to Look For in Your Pocket Change Worth Money

Years ago, the known rare coins were a combination of guesswork and experience. Researchers had done much work on a few specialized series such as Half Cents, Large Cents and Capped Bust Half Dollars. The remainder of most numismatic series was largely unexplored for true rarity, especially as to condition rarity. Many, if not all, price guides 30 years … Read more

Rare Bills and Recent Finds While Bill Searching

star note lookup lookup starnote federal reserve note replacement note

Some recent finds of mine while bill searching. Check them out! Some tips and hints on what to look for. Nothing too crazy in this video but more for everyone to see some basic fancy serial number and rare bills to look for while bill searching or coin searching. Comment or email us any questions … Read more


coins ebay

In this video Coin Opp will discuss some of the outrageously expensive coins on eBay right now. You can go check them out for yourself! Comment, email or private message me any questions or suggestions for videos on coins. Don’t forget to like and subscribe so we can build the community and stay in touch! … Read more

5 Modern George Washington Quarter doubled dies found in pocket change

george washington

5 Modern Washington Quarter doubled dies you can find in pocket change

The Washington quarter is the present quarter dollar or 25-cent piece issued by the United States Mint. The coin was first struck in 1932; the original version was designed by sculptor John Flanagan.
As the United States prepared to celebrate the 1932 bicentennial of the birth of its first president, George Washington, members of the bicentennial committee established by Congress sought a Washington half dollar. They wanted to displace for that year only the regular issue Walking Liberty half dollar; instead Congress permanently replaced the Standing Liberty quarter, requiring that a depiction of Washington appear on the obverse of the new coin. The committee had engaged sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser to design a commemorative medal, and wanted her to adapt her design for the quarter. Although Fraser’s work was supported by the Commission of Fine Arts and its chairman, Charles W. Moore, Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon chose a design by Flanagan, and Mellon’s successor, Ogden L. Mills, refused to disturb the decision.George Washington


The new silver quarters entered circulation on August 1, 1932; and continued to be struck in silver until the Mint transitioned to copper-nickel clad coinage in 1965. A special reverse commemorating the United States Bicentennial was used in 1975 and 1976, with all pieces bearing the double date 1776–1976; there are no 1975-dated quarters. Since 1999, the original eagle reverse has not been used; instead that side of the quarter has commemorated the 50 states, the nation’s other jurisdictions, and National Park Service sites—the last as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters series, which will continue until 2021. The bust of Washington was made smaller beginning in 1999; in 2010 it was restored to bring out greater detail.