Rare Bills and Recent Finds While Bill Searching

Some recent finds of mine while bill searching. Check them out!

Some tips and hints on what to look for. Nothing too crazy in this video but more for everyone to see some basic fancy serial number and rare bills to look for while bill searching or coin searching.

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One thought on “Rare Bills and Recent Finds While Bill Searching

  • July 24, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Hello…thanks for your videos…I’m starting to get back into coin collecting after a few years off…watched almost every video by coin opp on YouTube and have become the “coin whisperer” to my family.

    I have a question about bills…where do you find the value of paper money without a star? I have a 2009 series five dollar bill with serial number JL44444532…can’t seem to find where to look up bills without stars…

    thanks again for the knowledge and education…I’m going back to YouTube now to watch more coin opp videos!


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