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These ARE NOT the Error Coins You Are Looking For!

  From just plain tarnished to totally screwed up! These coins are simply not keepers and not error coins! These are a few examples of error coins that just won’t make the cut when it comes to collecting. I will explain why and show some more and less dramatic examples.   Comment or email us … Read more

5 Rare Morgan Dollar VAM Varieties You Should Search For

Morgan Dollar VAM Variety Silver Dollars Forty years ago, extensive research was published by Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis on the variation of the dies used to strike Silver dollars. The term VAM is an acronym for “Van Allen-Mallis”. Silver dollars are created by striking metal blanks with hardened dies containing the … Read more

How are Coin Dies Made? A Little History.

how are coin dies made

All coins struck in the United States are struck by a pair of dies.  A die is a steel rod with a face that is the same size as the coins that it will be striking.  This steel rod will contain the design for one side of the coin.  Two of these steel rods (dies) … Read more

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