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Cool Numismatic News – $85K Coin Just Found 1990 No S

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The Cost to Make Coins in 2016

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The overall price of producing U.S. circulating coins fell for a fifth straight year even as the cost of making cents and nickels remained above their face values for an eleventh year in a row, the United States Mint disclosed in its recently published 2016 Annual Report. The unit cost to produce, administer and distribute …

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Circulated or Uncirculated Coins

Circulated or Uncirculated? Proof or No Proof? Numismatic coins fall into one of two basic categories for quality: circulated and uncirculated. Circulated coins exhibit wear, whereas uncirculated coins do not. Uncirculated coins tend to be more valuable, causing investors and serious collectors to focus their efforts on acquiring the uncirculated alone. Numismatists are trained to …

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Possible Real 1964 D Peace Dollar

real peace dollar

Here’s a great video on a possible real 1964 D Peace Dollar possible real 1964 D Peace Dollar  Peace Dollars (1921 – 1935) Peace Dollars – In 1921, the Silver Peace Dollar was released, the same year the Morgan Dollar was discontinued. Peace Dollars are limited in supply and are very rare Silver coins. Created …

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