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US Mint Sales: American Legion Coins Debut

The U.S. Mint released updated sales figures for its collection of American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coins. CoinNews photos of a 2019-W $5 Proof American Legion 100th Anniversary Gold Coin Released last Thursday at prices ranging from $25.95 to $418.75, the seven commemorative products realized first-day sales of 39,671 coins for $3,629,464.25. Orders through the […]

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Most Valuable Pennies Ever Sold

15 most valuable pennies ever sold lincoln cents worth a ton of money indian head eagle coin price guide

For the world’s rarest pennies in the world, values are well over $100,000 and just under $2,000,000. Here are 15 of the most valuable pennies, based on over 200,000+ public records and auction sales figures. As a collector, you eventually get to the point where you need to purchase your coins from a coin dealer

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Economic and Commodities Rise to Lift All Note Values?

The New Year is here and, as you read this, the Florida United Numismatists show catalogs will be out and we’ll be anticipating the biggest paper money auction of the year. Will it foreshadow a bull market or bear? The stock market has been hitting new highs since the presidential election. This is symptomatic of

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Guide to US Coins

Guide to US Coins A U.S. type coin set offers collectors an opportunity to show their individuality. Ultimately, this set should be fun and rewarding to build. But what exactly is a type set? This set should contain one coin of every major design and metallic composition within a series. It is arranged by denomination

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