1999 George Washington $5: An Overlooked Commemorative

Washington Quarter commemorative coin worth tons of money gold eagle coin

It might well be suggested that the 1999 $5 gold coin marking the 200th anniversary of the death of George Washington has basically slipped under the radar, receiving very little attention. Of course, when you consider George Washington and his initial objections to the potential of him appearing on coins as the first president, it … Read more

Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins!

coin news 2020 Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins

Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins: Government surveillance may be more rampant in the crypto space than most users realize, says a source familiar with ongoing tactics. On June 5, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase came under fire for its alleged efforts to sell crypto surveillance services to both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the … Read more

The Love of the Hobby

Many people who read this article will have nothing to do with collecting currency whatsoever, but that shouldn’t deter them from reading what is confined within the context within. I’ve always been a collector of many things. Most notably, I began with collecting GameBoy games around the age I’m 6 or 7, which has transcended … Read more

The 1861 Confederate Half Dollar

confederate half dollar stacks bowers

After seven states seceded from the Union, beginning with South Carolina in December 1860, the Confederate States of America was formed with its capital as Montgomery, Alabama. The federal branch mint in New Orleans fell in the hands of the seceded State of Louisiana and the Confederacy. Starting in January 1861, about 5,000 double eagles … Read more


platinum eagle set 5a

The portfolio of obverse designs for the range of 2021-2025 coins follows: Set 1 Set 01 is tied together through its use of flora and a traditional Liberty figure. 2021-01 features Liberty surrounded by floral symbols of various religions of our world. The inscription “FREEDOM OF RELIGION” is included. 2022-01 depicts Liberty with a stylized laurel in the … Read more

US Mint Sales Report – Week Ending October 7, 2018

breast cancer awareness mint sales

Weekly U.S. Mint Top Sellers Here’s a listing of the U.S. Mint’s best sellers for the week ended Oct.. 7: 2018 Proof Set (+6,801 to 372,378) 2018 Silver Proof Set (+4,381 to 242,540) 2018 Mint Set (+3,184 to 193,730) 2018 Breast Cancer Awareness Coin and Stamp Set (+2,846) 2018-S Proof Silver Eagle (+2,300 to 132,612) … Read more

Bitcoin’s Theoretical Price Ceiling Is Now $100k Per Coin

bitcoin value

Oct. 8, 2018 10:51 AM ET  It is possible to identify a theoretical price ceiling for Bitcoin simply by measuring the maximum throughput of the network. The soft limit and the hard limit differ, but each tells a similar story. By comparing the price today to the theoretical maximum price, we can limit downside exposure. … Read more

Drone Footage of Hurricane Florence

hurricane florence drone footage flooding

Hurricane Florence was a powerful and long-lived Cape Verde hurricane that caused severe and extensive damage in the Carolinas in September 2018, primarily as a result of freshwater flooding. Florence dropped a maximum total of 35.93 inches (913 mm) of rain in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, becoming the wettest tropical cyclone recorded in North Carolina, and also the eighth-wettest overall in the contiguous United States. The sixth named … Read more