Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins!

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Big Brother Is Already Watching Your Coins: Government surveillance may be more rampant in the crypto space than most users realize, says a source familiar with ongoing tactics. On June 5, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase came under fire for its alleged efforts to sell crypto surveillance services to both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the … Read more

Bitcoin Price Drop Causes HUGE Loss for Bitcoin Mining Revenue

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15,562 Total views After the halving, crypto exchanges selling Bitcoin, which they collected in trading fees, may pose the biggest threat to the ongoing Bitcoin rally as miners earn less BTC. Following the Bitcoin (BTC) halving on May 12, traders generally expect the price of the top-ranking cryptocurrency by market capitalization to drop. According to a prominent on-chain analyst, … Read more

Bitcoin’s resilience

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Tim Draper is a founding partner of Draper Associates and headmaster at Draper University. Something important happened with the failure of Mt. Gox. The price of bitcoin only dropped about 20 percent, and the currency continued to be traded on other exchanges. I was flabbergasted and fascinated. I realized that the demand for this new … Read more