Platinum Deficit through 2021

platinum price and report

The World Platinum Investment Council reports the global platinum supply relative to demand was in a deficit during the first three months of 2018. Despite that, compared to the final three months of 2017, investment demand was down 26 percent.

The U.S. Mint has yet to announce when it plans to offer the 2018 American Eagle 1-ounce platinum bullion coin to its authorized purchasers, or how many coins will be made available. The Mint quickly sold out of its 2017 allocation of just 20,000 coins, with the buying public wanting more.

The total overall supply of 1.85 million ounces (including supply from recycling scrap jewelry, industrial applications and automobile catalytic converters) was down 290,000 ounces from the same measure in the fourth quarter of 2017.