Currency Values

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Currency Data and Values of the US Mint

currency values and price guide data

Currency in Circulation: Value   Currency in Circulation: Volume   Calendar-Year Print Order: Volume and Value   Federal Reserve Expenses for Cash Operations Data Table | ASCII | PDF   Cost of New Currency Data Table | ASCII | PDF   $1 Coin Quarterly Inventories, Payments, and Receipts Data Table | ASCII | PDF   … Read more

Fancy Serial Numbers

seven in a row fancy serial number

First, there are a lot of factors that come into play when determining the value of currency. Condition, the type of error or variety in the piece, the aging of the bill or coin, and so forth. With this in mind, just having a collectible or fancy serial number does not mean that old, torn bill … Read more

Economic and Commodities Rise to Lift All Note Values?

The New Year is here and, as you read this, the Florida United Numismatists show catalogs will be out and we’ll be anticipating the biggest paper money auction of the year. Will it foreshadow a bull market or bear? The stock market has been hitting new highs since the presidential election. This is symptomatic of … Read more

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