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1861 $2 Bill Worth – Obsolete Banknotes

1861 $2 Bill Worth Tons of Money Price Guide Star Note Search

This 1861 $2 bill from the Northwest Bank of Warren, Pennsylvania, are not only beautiful but can also be worth a ton of money in the right condition. Even this beat-up version of this note sold for almost $100 in auction, which is wonderful for not only a premium over the $2 face value but for an obsolete bank note.

Subtitle Transcript

let’s talk about this really cool

1861 $2 bank note from the Northwestern

Bank of Warren

Pennsylvania these are really cool

obsolete Bank notes that were done away

with quite some years ago and are really

valuable even when they’re beat up like

this note the other cool thing about

this note is it has a blank

back interestingly enough many aspects

of the note were handwritten like like

the signatures as well as the portions

of the series number and date and other

aspects of the note these can be

extremely valuable and are really highly

sought after as they’re not only

beautiful but they’re getting harder and

harder to find and if they’re in really

good condition they can be worth

hundreds of dollars this note sold an

auction for


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