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Mated Coins

A mated coins set or pair is a collection of two or more coins struck at the same time or during successive strikes on one or more dies, these coins with the resulting errors are related to one

mated coins
Mated Coins

another, fitting together as a set. All brockages, indents, chain edge strikes, and capped die strikes have a corresponding coin, but are rarely found together.

A single coin of the set may be discovered by mint staff during quality control and removed, or the coins may be separated into different lots to be distributed separately into circulation.

Mated coins involve two individual coins with different errors that were struck together at the same time. Mated pair error combinations can be found in most error types and come in many shapes and sizes. Mated pairs can be overlapped when one of the coins is struck off-center on top of another coin. Another type involves a brockage where a struck coin was perfectly centered on a blank and restruck.

Some mated pairs involve a die cap where the cap and brockage coin are discovered together, but this is a scarce find.

Mated pairs can also involve an off-metal where a smaller blank planchet or smaller struck coin was struck on top of a larger coin. This type is extremely rare. The most spectacular pair known is a double struck Franklin Half which was mated to a Lincoln Cent. The Lincoln Cent blank was on top of the obverse of the struck Franklin Half. This pair was then struck together. It is unique.

Mated Coins Price Guide:

The rarest mated coins type involves two die caps (obverse and reverse) where both dies were capped at the same time and both die caps are mated. This last type is extremely rare and there are only a few known examples of mated pairs involving an obverse die cap and reverse die cap.

There are several of these mated pairs known on Kennedy Halves including two dated 1976, which is the Bicentennial year. One of the most spectacular mated pairs involve two Barber Dimes, an obverse die cap mated to a reverse die cap and are unique.

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