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Partial Collar Coins

Partial Collar Coins

Blanks are surrounded by collars when struck to prevent the blank from flattening and spreading. Edge and rim errors occur when collars are either out of position or are deteriorated. A wire rim occurs when excessive pressure squeezes out metal between the collar and the edge of the die producing an extremely high thin rim.

A partial collar occurs when an out-of-position collar leaves a line around the coin which is visible when looking at its edge. A partial collar is sometimes called a railroad rim when a reeded edge coin is involved as the line resembles a rail and the reeds resemble railroad ties.

Partial collar coins strikes occur when there is a malfunction of the striking press. This causes the collar to be in an incorrect position. The lower die (usually the reverse die) is recessed in the collar. This allows the coin which is going to be struck to have a formed rim. After a coin is struck the lower die raises upwards, pushing the struck coin out of the collar and ejecting it.

If a blank entering the collar is not properly seated, it will only have partial reeding as it is struck. The edge of this coin will have a partial reeding and a partial blank surface area. Recently, the Mint has installed new machinery where either die can be installed in either position.

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