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17+ Most Valuable Error Banknotes You Should Look For in Pocket Change

Most Valuable Error Banknotes

I LOVE this hobby! The worst thing that could happen after coin roll hunting or bill searching banknotes is that you end up with the same money you started with! These are all of the banknote errors you should be looking for while bill searching. In this video you will find information on: 0:06 Misalignment …

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RARE $8,600 Error $5 Bill Sold at Auction

super rare $5 bill sells at auction price

Bidding reached $8,625 for a strange $5 error bill that was discovered by alert collector Alex Allis who submitted the bizarre error to Professional Coin Grading Service ( Thanks for joining the currency and coin community here on YouTube! We strive to put out videos as quickly as we can that cover coins and bank …

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WEB NOTES: Dollar Bills Worth a TON of Money

web notes worth money look for these marks on your bills!

Web Notes: The BEP’s experimental web-fed press was used from 1992 to 1996 to print $1 notes in Series 1988A, 1993, and 1995.

Ink Smear Error Dollar Bill Found

Ink smear Error Dollar Bill worth good money banknote

A nice minor ink smear error bill found searching for error banknotes and fancy serial numbers. This is simply the best hobby in the world! Anyone can get into it without major investments of either time or money. Ironic huh? Collecting money can be low cost.

Fancy Serial Numbers

seven in a row fancy serial number

First, there are a lot of factors that come into play when determining the value of currency. Condition, the type of error or variety in the piece, the aging of the bill or coin, and so forth. With this in mind, just having a collectible or fancy serial number does not mean that old, torn bill …

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