US Policy Against Russia Undermines Reserve Currency Position

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US policy through Washington’s against Moscow could be a sufficient reason behind the recent fall of the dollar’s share of global central-bank reserves, according to economist at US multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs. Russia’s Central Bank has sold some $85 billion of its $150 billion holding of the US assets from April through June after … Read more

What happens when the US Dollar Increases?

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With the U.S. dollar considerably strengthening against other major currencies in recent months, you might be wondering: Why is this happening? The value of one currency against another is in large part a function of central bank policies in each country. If a central bank pursues loose policy — low interest rates that increase the … Read more

Half Disme from 1792 to be Displayed at ANA Convention

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The finest-known surviving example of a Half Disme, the first coins made for circulation by the young United States Mint in 1792, will return to Philadelphia for a “homecoming” display Aug. 14-18 at the 2018 World’s Fair of Money. The small silver coin with huge significance was formerly owned by the first Mint Director, David … Read more

25+ Frequently Asked Questions – US Currency Errors and Bank Notes Worth Lots of Money

Frequently asked questions on rare currency you can find in your pocket change

[corner-ad id=1]25+ Frequently Asked Questions – US Currency Errors and Bank Notes Worth Lots of Money Comment or email us any questions or suggestions for videos on coins, bills and other banknotes, precious metals and more! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so we can build the community and stay in … Read more