Rare 1856 – S/s Quarters Discovered in SS Central America Shipwreck

1856 s over s quarter dollar found in shipwreck ss central america

The fabled SS Central America, the famous “Ship of Gold” that sank in 1857 carrying tons of California Gold Rush treasure, continues to surprise the numismatic world. California Gold Marketing Group LLC (CGMG) of Brea, California has confirmed discovery in the ship’s latest recovered sunken treasure of nine rare 1856 San Francisco Mint large S over small “s” mint mark Seated Liberty No Motto quarter dollars.

SS Central America Sunken Gold Treasure In Five-Ounce PCGS Holders

Historic sunken gold treasure, originally discovered by 49ers during the heydays of the California Gold Rush and untouched in the miners’ gold field packets for more than 160 years, is now available in grand format PCGS-certified holders each containing five ounces of the precious metal.