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Ink Smear Error Dollar Bill Found

Ink smear Error Dollar Bill worth good money banknote

A nice minor ink smear error bill found searching for error banknotes and fancy serial numbers. This is simply the best hobby in the world! Anyone can get into it without major investments of either time or money. Ironic huh? Collecting money can be low cost.

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Silver Eagle Coins (1986 – Current)

silver eagle coins worth a ton of money

In 1986, the United States began striking gold and silver bullion coins to compete with world bullion coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand, and others. The value of these coins was intended to be tied directly to their metal value, although in some cases (where mintages were low) a collector market has developed. The bullion value of these coins far outstrips their face value.

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The 1861 US Confederate Half Dollar – What to Know

When it comes to a Confederate Half Dollar or Confederate States of America Half Dollar, you either have a very valuable coin or something worth virtually nothing. So how do you tell the difference and put a value on your Confederate Half Dollar coin? First off, you probably have a copy of the coin to

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Coin World Sneak Peak on Unique Machine Doubling Examples

coin machine doubling coin world

An unusual case of machine doubling What is called “machine doubling” is a fairly common occurrence on coins and is a manifestation of press instability, writes Mike Diamond in his “Collectors’ Clearinghouse” column. The featured coin this week displays an unusual form of machine doubling. “A complex example of bifacial push doubling is seen here

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Currency Data and Values of the US Mint

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Currency in Circulation: Value   Currency in Circulation: Volume   Calendar-Year Print Order: Volume and Value   Federal Reserve Expenses for Cash Operations Data Table | ASCII | PDF   Cost of New Currency Data Table | ASCII | PDF   $1 Coin Quarterly Inventories, Payments, and Receipts Data Table | ASCII | PDF  

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Sheldon Coin Grading Guide

proof coins price guide

Coin Grading Coin grading is the process of determining the grade or condition of a coin, one of the key factors in determining its value. A coin’s grade is generally determined by five criteria: strike, preservation, luster, color, and attractiveness. Several grading systems have been developed. Certification services professionally grade coins for tiered fees. As

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