The 1861 US Confederate Half Dollar – What to Know

When it comes to a Confederate Half Dollar or Confederate States of America Half Dollar, you either have a very valuable coin or something worth virtually nothing.

So how do you tell the difference and put a value on your Confederate Half Dollar coin?

First off, you probably have a copy of the coin to begin with since so few have genuinely been made. This video will cover how to tell if your coin is real or fake, and what the value of the coin is.

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3 thoughts on “The 1861 US Confederate Half Dollar – What to Know”

  1. my 1861 confederate half dollar has a flat and indented mark by the date does this mean its a fake

      1. Timothy Fullerton

        I have a confederate states of America half dollar coin with both the obverse and reverse of the original coin. No(copy) printed on it how can I tell if mine is real?

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