1887 White Stockings (Chicago Cubs) Baseball Banknote Worth $6,000

rare banknote 19th century art note baseball hall of fame bill chicago white stockings cubs

A National Baseball League advertising note that is as American as any piece of legal tender currency will make a rare appearance at public auction in the Heritage Currency Signature Sale in Dallas on Sept. 17. It is only the seventh time the firm has offered such an item.

20+ Banknotes Worth Way More than Face Value – Errors, Rare and Fancy Serial Numbers

Banknotes Worth Far More than Face Value - Errors, Rare and Fancy Serial Numbers

Super-valuable US currency Collectors of American notes and coins pay eye-watering sums of money for the most desirable examples. From pennies and dollar bills you may just find lurking in your wallet or purse, to historically important rarities that fetch millions, we reveal the US currency specimens that are worth considerably more than their face … Read more

WEB NOTES: Dollar Bills Worth a TON of Money

web notes worth money look for these marks on your bills!

In this video on Web Notes:

Web Notes: The BEP’s experimental web-fed press was used from 1992 to 1996 to print $1 notes in Series 1988A, 1993, and 1995. This press was intended to speed production by printing both sides of the notes in a single pass, on a continuous roll or “web” of paper rather than the 32-note sheets used by the standard presses. But the notes printed on the web press were sometimes of rather poor quality, and the press itself was unreliable and broke down too often, so the experiment was declared a failure.

The $1 notes printed on the web press can be identified by several differences in detail. On an ordinary note from a sheet-fed press, the back plate number will be located at the lower right corner of the central white space; the face plate number will be preceded by one or more letters; and a position indicator will appear near the upper left of the face of the note. On a web note, the back plate number will be located just to the right of TRUST; the face plate number will appear alone, with no preceding letters; and the position indicator will be absent. The scans below illustrate these differences.


AND… Remember… Always check your bills!

Serial numbers, miscuts, web notes, variety bills, and errors of all kinds can make their way into your pocket or wallet. These can be worth hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars!

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Specimens and trials from Waterlow & Sons

Heads turned last September when, at an otherwise insignificant auction of assorted properties, in a small village northwest of London, a book of specimen bank notes, the property of the widow of an old Waterlow & Sons employee, estimated by the auctioneer at $915, sold for $324,201. One of the underbidders said at the New … Read more