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Rare Double Die Pennies – 2000 d Doubled Die Reverse

Rare Double Die || 2000 d Doubled Die Reverse WDDR-001

The Best of Variety and Error – featuring rare double die pennies

Viewer submission piece.


rare double die

8 thoughts on “Rare Double Die Pennies – 2000 d Doubled Die Reverse”

    1. I have a 1991 penny that I believe
      Is some type of error coin. Could anyone enlighten me on this?

  1. David Michael Fontenot

    I have a 1975 penny which looks like a piece of the r in trust broke off and was struck on to it horizontally above Lincolns head.. Any thoughts?

  2. Andrew quarteroncanadian

    I have a 2000 no mint (p) extra beard ddo in ms high 60’s probably ms 68+ maybe 69. Looks struck threw grease. Most likely the back is ddr and close am cant tell its still in cheerios card. Any quess value.

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