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The Love of the Hobby

Many people who read this article will have nothing to do with collecting currency whatsoever, but that shouldn’t deter them from reading what is confined within the context within.

I’ve always been a collector of many things. Most notably, I began with collecting GameBoy games around the age I’m 6 or 7, which has transcended into modern-day. I’ve always collected trading cards and comic books and vinyls and pop art and helmets and well… anything for that matter.

Quite a few years ago I began collecting paper currency and coins due to my interest in history and a love for wartime currency. History and militaria has always struck a chord with me both educationally and within my imagination through storytelling.

Collecting money is a wonderful hobby for many aspects. One of the great things about searching through your modern paper currency is that even if you find nothing in your search, you still end up with the same amount of money you began with.

Many other investments don’t always pan out that way!

Money is always something that can gain a premium over its standing value and when referencing precious metals, currency in this form can see high gains in times of limited resources.

We began this website, Variety & Errors, because our love of money and researching currency in all forms resulted in a mass amount of notes and files on the subject.

We then compiled it into this website a few years ago and since then it has flourished into a wonderful community of collectors and enthusiasts like you!

We try to make additions to our educational material and free currency price guides on a regular basis. Thank you for visiting and hearing about the wonderful hobby of currency collecting!

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