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Replacement Bill and Great Finds – Searching Pocket Change for Error Banknotes

Replacement Bill error banknotes found rare currency worth a ton of money 2020 election trump

Replacement Bill and Great Finds – Today’s bill search video was a lot of fun, although not as rare of banknotes found as I would have liked. Either way… nothing but love for the hobby as usual. I mean, worst case when coin or bill searching is you end up with the same money you started with.

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1 thought on “Replacement Bill and Great Finds – Searching Pocket Change for Error Banknotes”

  1. Hi.

    I just found a $20.00 bill with a low serial number. It is
    00002023. There is a slight fold in the middle,but overall it is a clean bill. Can you give me some concerning this bill.
    Thanking you in advance .
    Rocco M.

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