$900,000 in FAKE U.S. Banknotes Seized by Customs from China

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $900,000 in counterfeit US currency from a commercial rail shipment from China. They were packed in 45 cartons of counterfeit $1 bills.

Officers made the discovery last week at the International Falls Port of Entry in Minnesota.The law enforcement organization said stopping the flow of illicit goods is a priority trade issue for them.

“Thanks to the dedication of our officers and our partnership with the Secret Service, we were able to keep this currency from entering into circulation,” said Jason Schmelz, Pembina Area Port Director, in a statement.

CBP officers discovered 45 cartons of counterfit $1 bills.

CBP officers discovered 45 cartons of counterfit $1 bills.The currency will be turned over to the US Secret Service.

One thought on “$900,000 in FAKE U.S. Banknotes Seized by Customs from China

  • February 5, 2020 at 10:20 am

    Of course counterfeiters will go where the risk of dectection is lowest, i.e. the US one dollar bill!

    What US currency denomination is considered so worthless by the BEP that is still virtually identical to the 1928 series?

    Does the $1 bill have color shifting ink? Security thread? Background color dots to deter counterfeiting? Etc., etc.

    I’d say “Smart Counterfeiter”!

    I would be interested to learn how the $900 k $1 bill ring got caught?

    Most importantly, will the BEP WAKE UP by and modernize the gosh darn $1.00 bill?

    George is looking a little dowdy lately, and the counterfeiters have taken notice!

    BEP, it’s your move!


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