Fancy Serial Numbers and How to Find Rare Money in Pocket Change

Most Valuable Error Banknotes
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Find Rare Money in Pocket Change!

You have probably had a rare bill in your pocket and didn’t even know it! Start Checking Those Bills!!

I LOVE this hobby! The worst thing that could happen after coin roll hunting or bill searching banknotes is that you end up with the same money you started with!

These are all of the banknote errors you should be looking for while bill searching. In this video you will find information on:

0:06 Misalignment Error Banknote
3:07 Missing Print Error Banknote
4:05 Gutter Fold Error Banknote
5:52 Mismatched Serial Number Error Banknote
7:25 Printed Fold Error Banknote
8:21 Reverse Overprint Error Banknote
9:05 Inverted Overprint Error Banknote
10:00 Double Denomination Error Banknote
10:34 Over Ink Error Banknote
11:56 Insufficient Ink Error Banknote
12:57 Blank Back Blank Print Error Banknote
13:42 Multi Impression / Multi Print Error Banknote
14:42 Obstructed Print Error Banknote
15:48 Cutting Miscut Error Banknote

Keep an eye out every time you spend those bills! Fancy serial numbers can be found in every day situations. Imagine all those bills you have spent over the years!


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    1. I found a 2013 1 dollar bill with a solid 8 1s in a row in clean conditions. What do I do or is it worth anything?

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