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Error Coin Types and What Your Error Coin is Worth

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In this video we will cover the error types found on coins and what they are worth. This video will also show what they look like. Some are easier to find then others, but all of these coin errors are worth good money!


Errors Covered in this Video:
Bonded Coin Errors 0:25
Partial Collar Errors 1:12
Uniface Coin Errors 2:14
Coin Fragments 2:54
Off Center Strike Errors 3:42
Mated Coin Errors 4:47
Adjustment Strike Errors 5:41
Proof Coin Errors 6:49
Indent Coin Errors 7:41
Fold Over Coin Errors 8:35
Die Cap Error Coins 10:48
Double Denomination Error 12:14
Counter Brockage Error 12:55
Brockage Error Coin 13:34
Broadstrike Error Coin 14:23
Double Struck Multi Struck 15:08


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