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WHAT IS THIS STAMP? Searching Bills for Error Banknotes Worth Money

Bill searching for error banknotes worth money and other collectible notes and I came across this stamped banknote. I am used to bank stamps and some other types of markings done by businesses but I am not familiar with this one. Let me know what you think it might be? Aliens, illuminati, gnomes, or maybe just someone having fun with a stamp!

Remember, this is simply the best hobby in the world! Anyone can get into it without major investments of either time or money. Ironic huh? Collecting money can be low cost. Plus, if you look through your money and find nothing, you still have the same amount of money you started with!




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Remember, this used to be referred to as the “hobby of kings and queens”, after all. As far as I see it, we are all kings and queens of our own worlds, filled with endless opportunities to thrive within a universe of uncertainties.


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