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Handling Coins and Caring for Your Coin Collection

handling coins


It is essential to keep your collections pristine. Proper handling and care is a big part of this, here are some ways to improve this.

handling coins

Handling: Coins should be held by their edges between thumb and forefinger. This will protect coin surfaces and designs from fingerprints and the natural oils in fingers or palms that can be corrosive over time.

In fact, many experienced collectors prefer to use soft cotton gloves when handling their high-quality Uncirculated or Proof coins. A wide variety of coin holders and albums is available from Littleton for easy viewing and examination of both sides of a coin without actual handling.

Cleaning: Improper cleaning, more than anything else, has harmed valuable coins. High-quality Uncirculated and Proof coins should never be cleaned, as improper cleaning can cause permanent loss of original mint finish and color (and permanent loss of value). Experts can easily detect an improperly cleaned coin. Most experienced collectors and dealers agree that coins should only be cleaned by experts.

Storage: High humidity, air pollution, salt air, and temperature extremes can sometimes affect the surfaces of coins. It is best to store coins in protective holders or albums, and to keep them in an area of relatively uniform temperature. As your collection becomes more valuable, you may choose to store some or all of your coins in a safe deposit box. If you choose to keep your collection in your home, we recommend that you check with your insurance company to ensure that your collection is covered for its full replacement cost. Please note: The clear coin wrappers used by coin graders are sealed to provide protection of coins during delivery, and easy identification and examination without removal.

You can store your coins in the clear wrappers, or you can remove them for placement in albums, holders, or other storage containers. When returning coins, we prefer that you keep them in the original wrappers.

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