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About Our Coin Website

Our Coin Website Variety & Errors

The online community where we answer your questions and give information on error and variety coins to help you grow as a collector.

Comment or email us any questions or suggestions for videos on coins.

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64 thoughts on “About Our Coin Website”

  1. hello,
    i have a half dollar 1964 with kennedy on one side but when you turn the coin the eagle on the other side is on his head.
    is this a common error?

    1. Hello sir I have a $100 bill 2013 series the serial number is m b 73787378 d if I’m correct it’s a trinary quad bookend repeater. I don’t see anything anywhere about a trinary quad book in as far as value goes it’s in pretty decent shape that has one fold in the center I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what that is worth also I can send pictures but I couldn’t figure out how to do that here thank you very much for your time

  2. Justen
    HOW ARE YOU….????
    JUST FOUND 1988 penny COIN WITH A WIDE AM.….
    I’m very exited….
    Must have opened 250 Rolls, of Pennies….
    Is that correct, it must be wide open on the A M…..????
    It is a super coin….
    I would love to hear from you…
    If you help me out, the next one I find its yours….

    I’m also a member on YouTube almost a year…

  3. I have a 1976 2 dollar bill that looks like the ink is super dark compared to everything I have saw in comparison I was wondering if you could check it out for me my camera isn’t so great but I thought that I would try. Well I was going to try but I can’t figure out how to upload a picture on the website

  4. Hi

    I watched a youtube clips and have a 1922 Liberty Peace dollar. Would like to know what it is worth.

    Please get in contact then I can mail some pics to you.

  5. Joseph D Tucker Sr

    I don’t know how to take a picture of the bill but I have a $20 bill series 2013 with the serial number
    MF 39339333 E

    Just wanted to know what you thought about it if it is worth anything

  6. Please help me as I’ve been trying to figure out how exactly to contact you… I pparticipated in your auction yesterday and I won a 1957 proof (Silver?) set- not issued by mint… for $25. I also won the OK Corral coin for $5, however another bidder said he placed his bid before mine…however upon viewing the bids during a replay, I did place my bid beforehand did…his came in after mine.

    Could you confirm the amount I should pay PayPal, please… ( and then I just go to PayPal- …I’m sorry but the times I’ve used PayPal I was already on a site and easy to pay so l was linked…how would PayPal get my info on what I’m paying for?

  7. I love your videos..I am a new collector and I hate to bother you, but i have a question.
    I found a 1984 Lincoln penny that looks copper to me.. there is very little wear on the coin and it weights 2.269 gm. Someone said the top layer had probably worn off but it doesn’t look like it
    to me..i would like to know if you think i should send it to pcgs to be checked out….just seems like a lot of money to have a coin checked out.

    Ida (903)850-7749

  8. i have a 1997 D lincoln cent, its worn out and the plating is starting to fade, is it supposed to be white underneath, i mean its like silver or aluminum in color, i know its not silver coz the coin is so light.. just curious about this…

  9. Just a heads up. I found a die chip on2017 effigy mounds quarter at 6 oclock on Washingtons neck and just left of the designers initial plus die chip on the designers initial,. GREAT VIDEOS. Thanks j

  10. GoodMorning Dustin:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos….they are soooooooooo important. I am a 67 year old female who just started coin collecting and I love it. I love the Lookzeze also and Couch Collectibles. I do have a question for you. I think I have a penny 1982 D a small date that wieghs 3.111, but i hate to spend the money to have it graded if it isn’t. Is there anyway you could send you a pic of it and you take a look at it and let me know? Please let me know if you can help. I realize you are probably way too busy so if you can’t that’s ok wont change my mind about how I feel about your channel. thanks, Ida.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for being a member of the Coin Opp Community! My name is Kyle and I moderate the site. Please send questions or pictures to my email at and I will have the crew take a look at things! We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Thanks again!

  11. marte hugo ruiz chavez

    Hola,los felicito por su pagina tan completa y accesible,solo les recomiendo ilustrar ejemplos.
    Me pueden ayudar a un valor aproximado de mi moneda en fotos .Dime 1942( /41) double due con error de troquel en llave .

  12. Hello, I have found a one dollar US bill with some strange things happening. First, the upper right serial number has some green ink excess and the first number which is a 7 also has what looks like a green blurred 7 below it .There is an obvious small P in green between the first letter and first number. Also, there is a VERY small P in green ink off to the left side….also…there is obvious green ink smear over most of George’s hair ! This is faint but obvious. Also some green ink on reverse side in the corner …..with all these different “errors” ???? could this be worth something ? Just wondering how to find out! Should anyone know something about this please e-mail me… .thanks.

  13. Hey I just found the 1955 wddo-010 penny like coin opp did a video on I have a couple more I’d like to know about same year all proofs and are ms64 or higher. Could you get in contact with me please thx

  14. I have a 2010 D,error penny,I was hoping that you could help me to
    Know what it’s worth. Could you let me know where To send pictures.
    Thanks Patrick

        1. Just found a 2018p Cumberland island with a cud on the reverse in the 4 o’clock and missing the rim between the 5 o’clock and 7o’clock found no info anywhere have you heard about it

  15. I have a 2010 D error penny.I was hoping that you could help me find out what It’s
    Worth.If you will let me know where to send pictures I’ll send them to you.
    Hope you can help me with this. Thanks. Patrick

  16. Hi
    I have 1969 D very nice it looks uncirculated and I noticed there punched mark on Lincoln’s chin letter I I think can you please look at it and tell me is this coin worth anything thank you I’m really new at this coin collecting. How do I send you the picture?

  17. I have a few wheat pennies (1941, 1956, 1957), along with other pennies from the 60’s and 70’s. How do I go about finding out if they’re more than face value?

  18. I love coin’s have since childhood. Saving wheat Penny’s mostly. I caught one of your videos on the 1982 D small 2. They all seem to look the same to me. But you had said something about the weight also. For giggles I weighed all my 1980’s Penny’s. I have a large # (20 or more) of 80,81,&82 that weigh 3.1 , while the rest so far are 2.5 you said any weighing 3.1 are worth a lot. Or do I have false hope?

  19. Hello:
    I received a $10 from my bank the serial# reads MA 25772599 A Series 2013,
    does this note have value or significance.
    Thank you

  20. Hello, I have a $1 bill from 1985 in pristine condition. It have ink smear on the front and the back. In the front it cause “the United States of America” to be slight double printed above it. Looks like the ink smeared bleed through a little in the front. On the back their is significant ink smearing running 7 times from top to bottom. Would this be worth anything?

  21. Hello sir I have a $100 bill 2013 series the serial number is m b 73787378 d if I’m correct it’s a trinary quad bookend repeater. I don’t see anything anywhere about a trinary quad book in as far as value goes it’s in pretty decent shape that has one fold in the center I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what that is worth also I can send pictures but I couldn’t figure out how to do that here thank you very much for your time

  22. Hi, I have a 2000 P Virginia quarter with out the 3 layers, it looks like it is silver on the side. But i guess it is nickel. I would like to get this coin graded and checked out, i can send pics of this quarter.

    Thank you


  23. Hi everybody ,I have 1922 Peace dollar high relief .nice good condition
    and 3/ 1972 and 1976 barber dollars ..
    I like to sale this coins..

    thanks Ernest..

  24. I have 50 2013 with all the numbers in line and in what I think is a like-new condition that I believe all have ink flaws on front and back, is this something worth keeping or is this the type of thing that people collect?

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