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QuikTrip Gas Station Buying Pocket Change Amidst Coin Shortage in the United States

gas station buying coins during coin shortage due to coronavirus

Mike Thornbrugh, a spokesperson for the QuikTrip Corporation, said his company deals in coins. Now, signs are posted at all of QT locations letting customers know that at this time, debit or credit is preferred. If you pay in cash and need change, it may come in the form of a QT gift card. If you have extra change just lying around, they’ll take it.

gas station buying coins during coin shortage due to coronavirus“We’re just getting old fashioned with you,” said Thornbrugh. “If you have coins in your piggy bank, your dresser drawer or your car come in, and we’re redeeming, you know, penny for penny. So we’re asking everybody to kind of help us. So we can help you in the short term.”

Thornbrugh said he understands people normally don’t use credit cards when they come in to make minor purchases. Plus, he said the store ends up on the losing end.

“Selfishly, the more people use credit cards, the credit card fees that we have to pay really add up. So, you’re really in a short term kind of teaching people. Change your habits a little bit if you can. And hopefully, we’re doing everybody a favor, get rid of all the excess coins because we’ll take ’em,” Thornbrugh said.

QuikTrip isn’t the only business affected by the shortage. Thornbrugh said any business that accepts currency or coins will be impacted. He said the federal reserve chairman sent out a notice last week informing businesses of a possible coin shortage due to the coronavirus and people not out spending and redeeming coins, mints reducing production and places that you could go redeem coins, like banks, closing their doors to visitors.

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