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In the early to mid 1800s, many banks, companies, merchants, and jurisdictions (states, counties, cities, and towns) issued their own currency.  These notes are now obsolete but have considerable historical value.  Most obsolete currency sports gorgeous designs, vignettes, and colors, and the sector has a very strong collector base.

Obsolete Currency Issuer (City)Denom YearDescription5863656667Reference (a)
American Colonization Society (Monrovia)1 18xxproof; seated cherubsscarce     
Arlington Bank (Washington, D.C.)5 185xflying maid; red tint250    DC165-G4
Bank of America (Georgetown)2 1852T. Jefferson225    DC50-G2
 3 1852maid & eagle250    DC50-G4
Bank of Anacastia (Anacastia, D.C.)1 1854red 1s175225300375450DC35-G2
 2 1854red 2175225300375450DC35-G4
 5 1854B&W175225300375450DC35-G8
Bank of Commerce (Georgetown)1 1862 375    DC70-G12
 5 18xx    1,150 DC70-G2
 5 18xxproof; G. Washington, red 5s 800   CD70-G2
 10 18xx    1,250 DC70-G4
 20 18xxproof; G. Washington; red Xs 800   DCG6
Bank of the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)5 1858orange tint175225325400475DC215-G8
 5 1858proof; orange tint500600750850950DC215-G8
 10 1858red tint160210300375450DC215-G10
Bank of the Metropolis (Washington, D.C.)20 18xxCapitol building225    DC290-G52
 50 18xxCapitol building500    DC290-G74
 100 18xxCapitol building250    DC290-G64
Bank of North America (Georgetown, D.C.)5 185xseated maid w shield; red 5s375    DC130-G8
Bank of the Republic (Washington, D.C.)1 1852eagle140    DC350-G2
 1 1852proof; eagle; B&W 500   DC350-G10
 2 1852proof; Capitol building; B&W 500   DC350-G12
 5 1852eagle175250325  DC350-G6
 5 1852proof; eagle  600700800DC350-G6
 10 1852seated maid100120150  DC350-G8
 10  proof; seated maid 800    
 1-2 1852proof; uncut sheet      
 5-10 1852uncut proof sheet      
Bank of the Union (Washington, D.C.)1 1851red ONE120160225  DC360-G2
 1.50 1851green overprint200    DC360-G4
 2 1851maid in oval; red TWO130175250  DC360-G6
 3 1851maids w shield; red THREE180    DC360-G8
Bank of the United States (Washington, D.C.)1 1852proof; eagle      
 10 1834      replica
 20 18xxeagle w shield500    US-2 C1016
 1000 1840serial number 8894     replica
 1000000 1840serial number 711     replica
Bank of Washington20 18xxreprint  120   
 50 18xxproof; G. Washington500    DC385-G38
 100 18xxproof; G. Washington 800   DC385-G52
 100  reprint  150   
Bullion Bank (Washington, D.C.)10 cents 1862 50    DC170-UNL
 25 cents 1862 60    DC170-UNL
 50 cents 1862scrollwork at bottom corners60    DC170-UNL
 1 1862payable in Demand Notes200    DC170-G12
 1 1862payable in Treasury Notes235325400  DC170-G20
 2 1862payable in Treasury Notes300375450  DC170-G14
 3 1862payable in Demand Notes225400500  DC170-G16
 3 1862payable in Treasury Notes225400500  DC170-G24
 3 1862no serial number0    replica
 5 18xxmaid; red tint250    DC170-G8
 5 1862maid; red tint325400500  DC170-G6
Central Bank (Georgetown)12 1/2 cents 1816      DC60-G8
Chemical Bank (Washington, D.C.)10 1853Atlas250    DC175-G18
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company25 cents 1837proof; canoe; B&W 300    
   (Washington, D.C.)5 184xseated maid100125150   
 10 18xxsigning ceremony100125150   
 20 184xmaid on wharf100125150   
Citizens Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 18xxmaid; anvil90120150  DC180-G2
 2 18xxseated man90120150  DC180-G4
 3 18xxfarmer at right175    DC180-G6
 5 18xxeagle150    DC180-G8
 10 1852       
City Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852 175    DC185-G2
 2   185    DC185-G4
Columbia Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 185xeagle; B&W130160   DC195-G2
 1 185xproof; B&W  1,000   
 3 185xseated maid w shield135180   CD195-G4
 3 1862 0    replica
 5 185x3 maids; B&W135160180  DC195-G6
 10 18523 seated maids; red TEN140165200  DC195-G8
 10 185xproof 1,000   DC195-G8
 20 185xseated maid; red TWENTY225235250  DC195-G10
Commercial Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 185x 100    DC205-G2
Congressional Bank (Washington City)5 18xxred FIVE150    DC210-G6
Congressional Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1856 330    DC205-G2
 5 185xred FIVE      
Corporation of Georgetown (Georgetown)5 18xxcherubs600     
 6 18xxproof; train 2,500   G10
 7 18xxproof; Capitol; Minerva left2,000     
Eastern Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 18xx    1,200 DC220-G2
Empire Bank (Georgetown, D.C.)1 1852sailing ships500    DC80-G2
Farmers Bank (Georgetown, D.C.)1 1852plow175    DC85-G2
Farmers & Merchants Bank (Washington, D.C.)25 cents 1862seated maid80100150  DC235-G8
 50 cents 1862maid in oval80100150   
 1 18xxplow175    DC235-G12
 1 18xxproof; plow; B&W300    DC235-G12
 1 18xxproof reprint (c)180275400  DC235-G12b
 1.25 1862red 1.25180275400  DC235-G14
 1.50 1862drovers; red 1.50250    DC235-G16
 1.75 1862 250    DC230-G18
 2 1862 250     
 3 18xxproof 400    
Government Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1862large eagle; red & green tints      
 2 1862large eagle; red & green tints      
 5 1862large eagle, green tint200250400  DC255-G6
Humbug Glory Bank (Washington, D.C.)6 cents NDdonkey800     
International Bank (Washington, D.C.)10 18xxproof reprint (c); green tint      
John H. King (George Town, D.C.)25 cents 184xmaid w cows200     
 50 cents 184xmother & child at right200     
 1 184xcherubs at top right200     
La Fayette Bank (Georgetown)2 1855train220    DC105-G4
Mechanics Bank (Georgetown, D.C.)1 18xxseated couple; red ONE125175300400475DC115-G2
 2 18xxseated maid, red TWO150200325450525DC115-G4
 3 18xxG. Washington; red THREE175225350500575DC115-G6
Mechanics Bank (Washington, D.C.)2 1852 250    DC265-G10
 4 1852train250    DC265-G12
Mechanics & Traders Bank (Alexandria)1 1852 135150200   
 3 1852 135150200   
Mechanics & Traders Bank (Georgetown)1 1852maid & eagle115150   DC120-G2
 3 1852seated maid; gray THREE115150   DC120-G6
Mercantile Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 186xtrain; red & green 225   DC270-G2
 2 186xseated maid; red & green 225   DC270-G4
 5 186xIndians w plow; red & green 300    
Merchants & Traders Bank (Georgetown)1 1852 180     
Merchants’ Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852maid in oval80110135  DC275-G2
 3 1852Indian maiden100125160  DC275-G4
 5 18522 maids100125160  DC275-G6
 1-3-1-5 1852uncut sheet      
Merchants’ Exchange Bank (Anacastia)1 1854red 1s & ONE150180235  DC45-G2
 2 1854 170200275350  
 3 1854seated maid; red THREE170200275350 DC280-G6
Metropolitan Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 18xxG. Washington130150200  DC295-G2
 2 18xxsailing ships130150200  DC295-G4
 3 18xxeagle150180250  DC295-G6
 5 18xxred FIVE150180250  DC295-G8
National Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852eagle & globe600    DC300-G4
 1.75 1862proof; G. Washington at left      
Ocean Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852sailor on wharf200     
 5 1852sailing ships200    DC315-G8
Patriotic Bank of Washington (Washington, D.C.)10 18xxproof; seated maid      
People Bank (Georgetown)2 1852seated maid400    DC135-G4
People’s Bank of North America (Washington, D.C.)1 18xxeagle200    DC330-G2
 2 18xxeagle225    DC330-G4
Potomac River Bank (Georgetown)1 185xtrain140200250275 DC140-G2a
 2 185xtrain140200250275 DC140-G4
 3 185xAmerica & eagle140220   DC140-G6
 5 185xAmerica & eagle140220   DC140-G8
Potomac Savings Bank (Washington, D.C.)50 cents 1851proof; man on horse      
 1 1851maid & children; gray ONE135     
 2 1852sailing ships; gray TWO135     
 3 1852seated maid; gray THREE135     
Presidents Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852G. Washington150210280  DC340-G2
 1 1852 0    replica
 2 1852eagle150210280  DC340-G4
 5 1852G. Washington175225300  DC340-G8
 5 1852serial number 64870    replica
Southern Manufacturers Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 1852blacksmith175     
 1.50 1852man w machinery      
Union Bank of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)20 18xxproof reprint (c)  150  DC365-G6
 20 18xx1994 proof reprint (b)    125DC365-G6
 50 18xxproof reprint (c)  150  DC365-G8
Union Bank of Georgetown (Georgetown)5 18xx3 maids at upper left125    DC130-C30
United States (Washington, D.C.)100 183xproof; seated Mercury; B&W 3,500    
Virginia Bank (Washington, D.C.)1 18xxproof; B&W  1,000  DC380-G2
Washington Bank (Washington, D.C.)5 18xxships175    DC390-G6

 (a) These reference numbers may contain errors and are not guaranteed.
(b) Obsolete currency reprint by ABNC in 1994 for its American Paper Money Collection.
(c) Proprietary proof reprints were intaglio printed from the original plates by an independent party after the time of the note’s original issue.  They are most commonly on thicker paper stock than the originally issued notes.
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