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The following is some very basic information about the denominations and years that The Tombeckbe Bank printed money:

The branch bank location in St. Stephens issued the following types of currency:
1st Series (Denomination & Dates):  $1 – 1818s – 1820s
2nd Series:  $2 – 1818s – 1820s
3rd Series:  $3 – 1818s – 1820s
4th Series:  $5 – 1818s – 1820s
5th Series:  $10 – 1818s – 1820s
6th Series:  $20 – 1818s – 1820s

Banknotes issued by The Tombeckbe Bank are no longer good at a value equal to their face value. However, the banknote can certainly still be rare, collectible and hold significant value. These are known as obsolete banknotes.

Obsolete money is valued similarly to any other antique currency. The condition and rarity are the two most important factors that determine what the specimen can be valued at.

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