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Currency Converter Tool – Convert the Value of One Country’s Currency into Another

The Variety & Errors currency converter is a program to convert the value of one currency into another based on the market rate for that currency. The values are based on the current bank exchange rates. Use the tool below.

Currency Converter Tool

Choose which currency you like to convert in the dropdown menu, then input the amount of money.

[cbcurrencyconverter layout=”cal” decimal_point=”2″ calc_title=”Currency Calculator” calc_default_amount=”1″ calc_from_currencies=”USD” calc_from_currency=”USD” calc_to_currencies=”AED,AUD,CAD,CNY,CZK,DKK,EGP,HKD,ISK,JPY,KRW,MXN,NZD,PHP,RUB,CHF,GBP,USD” calc_to_currency=”GBP” list_title=”List of Currency” list_default_amount=”1″ list_to_currencies=”GBP,CAD,AUD” list_from_currency=”USD” ]

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