Coast Guard Coins 2020 Reverse Candidate Design Images and Descriptions

coast guard coins

Coast Guard Coins – In 2020, the Armed Forces Silver Medal series from the United States Mint will start celebrating branches of the military with 2-inch medals struck in 2.5 ounces of .999 fine silver.

CG-R-01 depicts an MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter coming to the aid of two flood victims on a rooftop, illustrating one of the many missions of the Coast Guard. The inscription “UNITED STATES COAST GUARD” is along the top border.

CG-R-03 features a rescue swimmer preparing to load a survivor into a rescue basket while a Coast Guard helicopter stands by to lift them both to safety. A burning vessel can be seen in the background. The inscriptions “HONOR,” “RESPECT,” and “DEVOTION TO DUTY” describe the Coast Guard’s core values.

CG-R-04 portrays a Coast Guard Icebreaker driving through the ice fields in the arctic. A polar bear provides a geographic reference to the area. The Coast Guard’s core values, “HONOR,” “RESPECT,” and “DEVOTION TO DUTY” are inscribed around the border.

CG-R-05 depicts equipment commonly used for search and rescue missions. A Motor Lifeboat is seen in rough water, while two MH-65 Dolphin helicopters keep watch from the air. The inscription “SEMPER PARATUS” arcs across the bottom.

CG-R-06 depicts Massachusetts, the first active duty U.S. Revenue Cutter, passing by a lighthouse. The Coast Guard Emblem is seen on the right side of the field. Inscriptions are “SEMPER PARATUS,” “FIRST REVENUE CUTTER,” and “MASSACHUSETTS.”

CG-R-07 features a Morris-class topsail schooner­­ sailing past the Cape Henry Lighthouse in the 1830s. The Coast Guard emblem is at the bottom of the design, while the inscription “SEMPER PARATUS” is arced across the top.

CG-R-08 alludes to the long history of the Coast Guard’s service by depicting the sea and a lighthouse perched on a coastal landscape in the distance. The central inscriptions of “WE PROTECT THE SEA,” “WE PROTECT THE NATION FROM THREATS DELIVERED BY THE SEA,” “WE PROTECT THE SEA ITSELF,” and “HONOR, RESPECT, AND DEVOTION TO DUTY” summarize their mission and core values. The Coast Guard Emblem is centered at the bottom of the design and is flanked by 13 stars around the rim.

CG-R-09 features a life preserver ring as an outer border. The inner design is the distinctive Coast Guard racing stripe mark, which is found on almost all Coast Guard crafts. The racing stripes are depicted with a heraldic hatching tradition to indicate color. The horizontal stripes indicate the color blue, while the vertical stripes indicate the color red. The Coast Guard emblem, which is part of the racing stripe mark, is also in the center. Inscribed into the life ring are the Coast Guard’s core values, “HONOR,” “RESEPECT,” and “DEVOTION TO DUTY.”

CG-R-10 depicts the current Coast Guard emblem.

Limits and Possible Bronze Versions

The U.S. Mint has indicated that the series of Armed Forces Silver Medals will not be subject to individual or program mintage limits, and that their designs may later appear on traditional 3-inch and 1.5-inch bronze medals.