Scarab Coin Series | New Release Coming Out!

The first coins in the scarab coin series were introduced last year and proved instant sellouts helped, no doubt, by their simple yet powerful designs. The continuing quality of the third set indicates it is likely to do likewise.

In June, Lichtenstein’s Coin Invest Trust (CIT) released the third set of a major coin series celebrating ancient Egypt’s scarab.

The 38.61 mm, 1 oz .999 fine silver proof $5s have been struck for the Cook Islands and are sold in sets of three. Three such sets have been produced to date with a mintage of 499 per set. All coins have been struck in ultra-high relief using CIT’s patented Smartminting© technology.Scarab coin 1

Set I (2017) consists of “Black Kingdom,” in which the gilded scarab is displayed on a black-rhodium proof surface; “Red Dawn,” with a black rhodium-plated scarab on a rose-gold field; and “Desert Heat,” with both scarab and field gilded.

Set II (2017) contains silver “Beyond the World” on gilded field, a rhodium black proof “Lunar Eclipse,” and a rose-gold plated “Solitary Flame” on a silver field.

scarab coin 3

Set III (2018) of the Scarab coin series comprises black rhodium “Secret Riddle” on silver, rose gold “Solar Zenith” on gold, and brilliant silver “Withering Blaze” on rose gold.

Common obverse for the Cook Islands’ Scarab coin $5s produced by CIT. (Image courtesy Coin Invest Trust)

The “Red Dawn,” “Lunar Eclipse” and “Solar Zenith” coins each come with an inset SWAROVSKI® crystal.

For ancient Egyptians, the scarab was the most sacred of all amulets. It represented new creation and eternal life as well as providing a potent protection against evil.

Millions of scarab amulets, rings and sculptures were produced by Egyptians between 2,300 B.C.E. and 400 C.E. They were carved in stone or molded in glass or faience. They were worn as beads and rings, used as seals, or carved as reliefs and statuettes.