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New £50 Note

The Bank of England announced this month its plans to issue a new £50 note printed on polymer.

The banknote will be the last in its polymer series, following already issued £5s and £10s and the £20 on polymer scheduled for release in 2020.

New £50 Note

“I’m very excited to be starting the process of introducing a new £50 note,” said Sarah John, the Bank of England’s Chief Cashier. “At the Bank, we are committed to providing the public with high quality notes they can use with confidence. Moving the £50 note onto polymer is an important next step to ensure that we can continue to do that.”

The bank will seek nominations from the public in deciding whose portrait will appear on the £50 note.

Polymer notes are cleaner, safer and more durable. They are harder to counterfeit and increase the quality of notes in circulation. And, because they last around 2.5 times longer than paper notes, they are also more environmentally friendly.