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What Should You Do With PMD Coins?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do with Post Mint Damage except enjoy the damaged coin for what it is — a broken coin that needs a home and some love.

You can’t “fix” PMD coins.

There are so-called coin doctors who can patch up holes in coins, remove dents, fill scratches, and even restore color to cleaned coins. However, since this expensive work is largely done to make a damaged coin look new and often has deceptive intentions, not many people have much respect for coin doctors.

(Especially when their work is done to erase any blatant signs of damage… so the coins can masquerade as problem-free coins and potentially be sold for the same price as problem-free pieces!)

That doesn’t mean damaged coins are worthless though.

Damaged coins make terrific “fillers” for hard-to-find coins in your collection! Since PMD coins can often be bought cheaply, they’re great for filling holes in your coin folders and coin albums — where otherwise rare and/or expensive coins would go.

Coins with Post Mint Damage (also referred to as cull coins) cost only a fraction of the price of similar coins in problem-free condition. This makes PMD coins desirable for coin collectors on a budget who want to buy old coins or rare coins without paying full price for them.

One thing to keep in mind (especially if you’re hoping to make an eventual profit on your coins) is that damaged coins don’t usually increase in value as quickly as problem-free coins.

Therefore, it might be best to save up your money and buy a nice, problem-free example when you have the money to do so.

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