What is J.P. Morgan?

From the J.P. Morgan website:

“The firm is built on the foundation of more than 1,200 predecessor institutions
that have come together through the years to form today’s company. We trace
our roots to 1799 in New York City, and our many well-known heritage firms
include J.P. Morgan & Co., The Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank One, Manufacturers
Hanover Trust Co., Chemical Bank, The First National Bank of Chicago, National
Bank of Detroit, The Bear Stearns Companies Inc., Robert Fleming Holdings,
Cazenove Group and the business acquired in the WaMu transaction. Each of
these firms, in its time, was closely tied to innovations in finance and the growth
of the U.S. and global economies.”

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is one the largest financial holdings companies in the world. It was founded in 2000 by a conglomeration of several big financial organizations and now employs Jamie Dimon as its CEO. Not only is it the largest bank in the US, it is also the second most valuable bank by market capitalization in the world.

The company is headquartered in Manhattan, New York and has representatives of JPMorgan Chase Bank in over 60 countries, offering the full range of financial services.

The company has also expressed interest in using blockchain and Bitcoin technologies. In 2017, the company joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, an association that was created by companies interested in testing Ethereum blockchain technology for various projects.

In the beginning of 2018, the organization published the “Bitcoin Bible” for potential investors that explains the technology on which cryptocurrency is based, revealing both its strengths and its weaknesses.

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