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Welcome to the Coin Opp forum! Here you can discuss anything coin related on variety and error coins. We are still updating a few things and adding categories for everyone to discuss but enjoy the forum's offerings and build things together with us! If you haven't registered, please do so. Click on "my account" and follow the instructions for becoming a member. Be sure to read the forum rules. We strictly moderate all content for your safety and enjoyment. Thanks!


Error Coins

Here you can discuss anything error coin related!


Variety Error Coins

Discuss variety coins in this category. In the case of modern coins, most features of the design were included in a master hub, from which a series of transfers were made to produce working dies. Very little hand punching was done, aside from the addition of the date and mintmark. Since early in the last century, the date has been an integral part of the master die for each year and has not varied within that year. The same has been true of mintmarks since 1990, and today's coin dies are typically indistinguishable. Though numerous doubled dies, overdates, repunched mintmarks and the like have occurred over the past century, these were the exceptions rather than the rule.


Re-punched Mint Marks

Discuss all things on repunched mintmark coins. A repunched mintmark or RPM is an attribute that is assigned to a coin where it looks like the mintmark has a second image of the same letter behind it. For many years the United States Mint added the mintmark to individual coin dies that were used to make coins. This was done by hand with a hardened metal punch that had an image of the letter that was used to identify the mint that the coin was made at. A mint worker would position the punch on the coin die by hand and strike the punch with a heavy metal hammer. If the first blow of the hammer was not enough to properly sink the letter into the coin die, the mint worker would deliver a second blow. If the punch was not perfectly aligned with the indentation from the first punch, a second image of the letter would result slightly offset from the first. Beginning in 1986 with coins specially made for collectors, the United States Mint began adding the mintmark at the master die stage of production so all working dies would be identical.


New Variety and Errors

Found... or think you have found something new and amazing? Post it here for others to see!



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